Slovenia piece by piece


There is no place like home…

There is no place like home 1On my travels, one of the most common questions I get is:” Where do you come from?” And for years and years I was almost scared to answer. Slovenia was not a country that people would know or hear about. I was always acting as a good tour guide, trying to explain and tell people where exactly we are on a world map. Lately I don’t bother that much anymore. Those, who want to know, will come. They will do their research, mark the maps and make the effort of visiting this small part of our world. A small part that represents home to about 2 million people. It represents my home as well. And there is no place like home, they say. I think Slovenia is a wonderful country. It offers a great diversion on a very small scale. It is all manageable over here. The distances are short, the landscape is diverse, the history is rich and the culture is varied. We live in a small part of Europe, which is a crossroad of different worlds: Germanic, Romanic, Ugro-finn and Balkan. Here we also have a continental divide between Mediterranean, alpine and continental climates. All varieties left a mark on our architecture, food, language, culture and people. So we like to brag – you see it all when you come here and visit. And you don’t even need to take a long holiday; everything is so close and so available. Language barrier is almost none existent – except in some remote parts of Slovenia. So it is truly an inviting destination, with specialties on almost every corner.

There is no place like home 2But why I like to be a Slovene? Cause it is safe. And my kids can play outside if they wish all day long. It is green. And my kids can enjoy the nature and fruits from it. It is varied. From mountains to sea, from winter to fall. It is delicious. Can be fattening or nutritious, can be homemade or bought. It makes me proud whenever I cheer for our sport athletes – they are darn good. And because it has my favorite spots and people that make me call Slovenia my home: a hug from my honey, the laughing faces from my boys and little pranks they do, my beloved walk, my mom’s cuisine after coming from tours, talks with my dad, a cinema evening with my best friend, my favorite cup of coffee… and last but not least, it surely has my favorite and the most comfortable bed in the whole world, that makes me happy every time I return from one my travels.

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