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Travelling is addicting

Traveling is addictingTravelling has always been my biggest passion. Looking at the maps, searching for countries and places, imagining how it is over there – was one of my biggest hobbies. And already as a little schoolgirl, age 11, I started guiding school kids around my neighborhood – known in Slovenia as a cultural melting pot of the country. Followed the school kids came my friends which I always took around, drove around and explained things they see. The real guests started appearing when I was age 16 and as a pupil on a practical work I took them around local places and sights. Days were turning into months, and months into years and soon I realized my job is a job of a tour guide. Another thing stroke me later, when winter months came along – even though some days were hard, the winters were always too long and I missed my microphone, the bus rides, chats with drivers and people. A friend of mine said to me at the beginning of my guiding career: « Beware Tina, this is an addicting job! Once you start, you cannot stop!« How right he was. To me tours are almost as fulfilling as the food, they make my brain work at full speed, my eyes see the immense treasures of this world, my nose smell the seasons and seasonings and my soul enjoy and rest in the beauties we have on offer. And no matter how many grumpy guests I had throughout the years, how many times buses failed us, we missed directions and had emergencies along the way – today I look upon these things with a thankfulness that each of the hard moments I had to deal with, made me stronger and helped me on my travelling journey. It was lately that I was put on a stand and needed to decide between a real, stable, secure job and a job of a tour guide. I don’t think I need to explain which one I chose.

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